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Learning Spanish – Thoughts on SharedTalk website

As some of you may have known, I have been working on improving my Spanish, especially my speaking and my writing. I have tried several different programs to help me improve my vocabulary and fluency. One of the programs that … Continue reading

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A Blue Day

Have you ever had a day when everything feels wrong? Well, I have had them every so often. Today is one of those days. I know that this “blah” feelings is not going to be forever but it is hard … Continue reading

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The Power of Others

One of my favorite blogs, today posted an article about coupon clipping and myths surrounding it. I think the article is very well written. Yet, as I read about it, I found myself not agreeing with the premise. I … Continue reading

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Speak No Evil

Happy Friday all!! Though I am currently not working, and Friday matters less to me, I do still cheer it (and I still don’t like Monday). Interesting, huh?? I don’t know whether this is just a past habit carried from … Continue reading

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Tips on Overcoming Shyness

Yay!! I went to my conversation meeting yesterday and I had a great time. The people there were very nice and supportive. We even had some native speakers there who were willing to help and to sit with us patiently … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Hello world! This is my first blog here. I’ve been meaning to try WordPress after my friend told me how easy it is to use WordPress to create blogs. At least for now, I have to say that she’s right! … Continue reading

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