The Power of Others

One of my favorite blogs, today posted an article about coupon clipping and myths surrounding it. I think the article is very well written. Yet, as I read about it, I found myself not agreeing with the premise. I agree that coupon clipping can save a lot of money. Yet, in my experience, I usually don’t use much coupon because I cannot find what I need in the coupon insert of the newspaper.

What I find interesting here though, is not only my reaction to the article, but how I caught myself doubting my opinion. I asked myself: am I not diligent enough? Have I been wasting my hard-earned money? Am I not organized enough to plan my shopping ahead?

Then, as I clicked on the comments, I actually saw many people sharing my experience of not able to find coupons for the products they want. This will just be a fine information if it is not for me catching myself feeling assured and validated. Isn’t it interesting that my feeling changes as I read the comments that I agree with me? Granted that without reading the comments I would still not change my behavior on coupon clipping, but I could see that by reading similar experiences, I felt more secure in my opinion.

This is why I think people need support and validation from others. This is also why in a group, people often do thing that is greater (can be greater in goodness or greater in badness) than themselves. This is where the power of others come to influence us.

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