Learning Spanish – Thoughts on SharedTalk website

As some of you may have known, I have been working on improving my Spanish, especially my speaking and my writing. I have tried several different programs to help me improve my vocabulary and fluency. One of the programs that I use is called SharedTalk – http://sharedtalk.com .

SharedTalk connected you with people all over the world who are interested in learning languages. There, you can find a language partner whom you can text chat with, voice chat with, or email back and forth. I have used the text chat and email multiple times, and I have to say that I like the email system better.

The email protects my privacy by not sending my private address to the senders. They just sent notification to my email, but reading and replying have to be done inside of their system that is very easy to use. One wish that I have will be to have a save draft button. Sometimes, I can’t finish my writing, and with no save draft button, I have to copy it to my computer to avoid losing it.

The text chat is more interactive. Thus, I got to “talk” with normal pacing. But sometimes, I was inundated with private chat requests. Though most of the requests are legitimate and great, some are not. One guy was actually very rude. I wish SharedTalk has a button to block people and another button to set myself invisible, just like Yahoo Messenger.

Overall, I would give a thumbs up to RosettaStone, the developer of SharedTalk. They have created such a system to connect me with people that I otherwise won’t be able to meet. I am so glad that they provide this for free as well.

For you language learner out there, have you tried SharedTalk? If you have, what do you think? Any other systems you use? What do you think of them?

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3 Responses to Learning Spanish – Thoughts on SharedTalk website

  1. Jim says:

    Try livemocha.com

    i love it

    • I heard about livemocha.com, but never got a chance to try it. It’s good to hear that you love it. I’ll try it soon! Oh, btw, I found that taking classes through Skype is pretty reasonable too – USD 7.50 /hour so I am doing that now.

  2. noem says:

    I’d be extremely careful with Sharedtalk.com as they do NOT practice safe privacy protocols. As a matter of fact, Sharedtalk.com administrators routinely spy on private conversations. They employ some draconian practices that actually impede language learners from contacting each other outside of their server. (it’s a for-profit company, they don’t want you going anywhere else to practice a language, and they have been known to outright ban people if they attempt to give someone their email address in a conversation session) I would advise against using this service, despite how ‘neat’ it may seem to be.

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