Expectations kill the taste :)

I finally find the “best” mamey ice cream in town, or so I was told. Let’s just say that a bunch of my friends had bragged about an ice cream from heaven. They said that it’s the best ice cream they had ever tasted and so much better than the one close to my school – the one that we usually buy from coz it’s close to the school. They said this vendor was on the corner of the “Las Monjas” church on Canal Street and that I had to absolutely check it out.

So last night I went down Canal Street but didn’t see any ice cream cart. I guess they closed before it got darked. Determined to taste ice cream from heaven, today  I  went there again and found the place. My heart jumped with joy… and with high expectation, I got a small cup of mamey. And voila… I was… disappointed…. 😦

I found that the ice cream just fine. It is lighter than ice cream in the US, and its sweetness is a bit different as well – somewhat taste more of natural sugar, but definitely not out of this world. Hmm… what was I expecting again?? 🙂

Realizing this, I decided that I’d better enjoy this ice cream as it is. As I dropped the story about this ice cream – how great, the best, etc, etc, and stayed on what I had in hand, I found that this ice cream is quite unique. The sugar taste, and the freshness of it were quite unique. How many ice cream I bought in the US had this homemade feeling to it anyway?

Have you guys had this type of disappointment? A disappointment that was caused by having expectation and creating a story about an object that you don’t know yet? What was your remedy?

*The ice cream vendor is on the right corner of this church.

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