Spanish at Academia Hispano Americana – Part I

So here I am, on my third month of studying Spanish at Academia Hispano Americana, one of the oldest Spanish language schools in San Miguel de Allende. Certainly, I have plenty of opinions about the school and its method. To start, I’ll go over the physical building of the school first.

To me, some of the positive aspects of the schools are:

1. Location

La Academia is located pretty close to the main plaza. I often walks to the main plaza right after school, between class, or whenever I feel like needing to recharge my brain and my lungs.

2. The building and amenities

La Academia has a big courtyard and a nice garden. The bathrooms are clean and adequate. The classrooms vary in size, from a small lecture hall (I went to state schools where lecture halls were gigantic in comparison to the largest classroom here), to a small room that is comfortable for 5 people but can maxed out to 8 people.

3. The garden, the trees, and the birds

I enjoy the garden, the plants, and the creatures that live in it. The sound of birds chirping reminds me of nature and it’s always a treat when a bird visits our class.

Now, the parts of the schools that I am not too thrilled about are:

1. Furnitures

Compare to my classrooms in the US, the furnitures here are old. The seats are hard. If you plan to come here and take the intensive course, bring an inflatable cushion. I brought one, and it saved my behind.


If you are here during the colder months, be ready to bring plenty of warm clothes. The building is great for Summer coz it’s cool, but poor during Winter. People here also don’t use air-conditioning and heater much. I was here in March and was freezing!!

Here are some pictures of the school:

Academia Hispano Americana - view from Mesones

And here are two pictures of the inside:

Academia Hispano Americana - courtyard view

Academia Hispano Americana - garden view

As you can see, there are lots of trees and flowers here. It’s quite beautiful indeed.

And here is a picture of the seats that I wish are a bit more gentle on my behind:

Academia Hispano Americana - classroom

Well, that’s all about the physical building. Go to part II to learn more about the other aspects of this school. I hope this gives you some overview on what to expect if you ever decide to study here (no, I don’t get any kickback for writing about this school) 🙂 , and let me know if you have questions about this school.

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