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A Letter to God – On Human’s Time Perception

Dear God, Today is Friday. I’m trying very hard here not to say Thank God It’s Friday. I honestly often wonder, why is it that we are so prejudice about days. We hate Mondays and we love Fridays.  We often … Continue reading

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Before You Get Upset at Your Significant Others, May Be You Want to Do These First: Tips to Navigate Out of the Blue Mood

What do we do when we are feeling blue? D.Rene commented on my previous post that her SO  observes that (in her worst moment) she started an argument when she is blue. BlueCottonMemory likes to focus on making things better. For me, in my … Continue reading

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The Blue Day Buster – Downward Social Comparison

It’s not exactly nice, but I have a feeling I’m not alone, it is this thinking process – comparing myself with somebody else that I perceive as more miserable than I’m makes me feel happy. The psychology of downward social … Continue reading

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Are We Treating Ourselves Worse than Our Cars?

I woke up this morning thinking about my car. DC needs oil check, I told myself. Gotta take care of him. My DC is a 1994 Honda Civic. Old but reliable! Because I want him to continue to run well, … Continue reading

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The Power of Support

I have written before on how people need support and validation from others. In my experience though, it is not always easy to find a group of people where I feel connected, supported, and gently challenged. So it was quite … Continue reading

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Language Learning for Shy People

In my previous post about learning Spanish at Academia Hispano Americana, I compared the advantages and disadvantages of immersion and non-immersion program. Now, I want to write about my experience as a shy person learning to talk a second language. … Continue reading

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Spanish at Academia Hispano Americana – Part II

I’ve been back in the US for 3 weeks! And you know what, I’ve started taking Spanish classes from a community college again, which put me in a good place to compare the Spanish immersion method such as the one … Continue reading

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