Are We Treating Ourselves Worse than Our Cars?

I woke up this morning thinking about my car. DC needs oil check, I told myself. Gotta take care of him.

My DC is a 1994 Honda Civic. Old but reliable! Because I want him to continue to run well, I’m trying my best to do his schedule maintenance on the required dates. Then, I was thinking about myself.  When was the last time that I do a Self Check? A long time ago I realize… and not as extensive as my car schedule maintenance. 🙂

So this is my goal for this week – systematic self-evaluation. How do I do that? I follow Virginia Satir model of looking at oneself. Satir, in her model, sees human from eight different lenses.

1. Our body

Our physical part is a very important component of our mental and physical health. Here, I asked myself: have I been listening to you, body? Is there something that you need that I am not giving?

The answer my body gave was: you’re doing okay. I like that you eat a lot of vegetables. But can you please make sure to sleep enough? Also, I don’t like it if you sit for too long without taking a break. Can you exercise a bit more regularly? Take care of me better and I’ll take care of you and carry you to places you like for a long time.

2. Our thoughts

Our intellectual part of the brain often creates reality. I really love this post of seeing our mind as a private garden. I think I can say that I’ve been feeding my garden with a lot of nutritious food. What I’m lacking is making sure that weeds don’t grow as fast as the flowers.

3. Our feelings

Recognizing, acknowledging, and being friendly to all feelings within us is important. Some cannot be acted upon, but saying hi to them are necessary. Feelings make us humans, not robots. Honestly, I think I need to learn a lot on being friendly to all feelings. Anger, guilt, and shame have not received my love much. Gotta take a look at it.

4. Our senses – see, hear, smell, taste, and touch

How much freedom and restrictions do we put on our senses? As children, we were often given restrictions on what we can see, hear, and listen. Some are good to carry, but some are no longer necessary as an adult.

5. Our relationship

Some relationships are toxic and some are supportive and making us grow. We need to evaluate our relationships so that we don’t poison ourselves. We also need to see how we behave in our relationships and how we use our power. Sometimes, by changing how we react, we can change the dynamic for the better.

6. Our context – our space, time, air, color, sound, and temperature

For me, this has been a part of my life that I have not spent time fixing yet. I complain about my house and my time, but I don’t do anything to make it better.

7. Our nutrition – the food that we eat

Hmm… I have been good in eating my veggies, need to increase my fruits intake though. And oh, yeah, I gotta monitor food that make me tired and food that make me agitated.

8. Our soul – our spiritual part

Connecting to the source of life, be it God or higher power or however we define it, is rejuvenating and grounding. For me, meditation is grounding, yet somewhat I’m resisting it. I have a feeling that’s caused by me running away from some of my feelings. In addition to meditation, connecting to nature gives me peace as well. I think I’m doing better in this.

Phew, that’s all readers. I think I’m giving myself a B. 🙂 Will have to do some more thinking, observing, and taking action.

What do you think?

Connecting to the Source

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15 Responses to Are We Treating Ourselves Worse than Our Cars?

  1. Beth says:

    That’s an interesting thought. I think I do pay more attention to my car, and even some areas of my home, than I do myself. I’ll have to correct that!

    Hi from SITS!

  2. Amy says:

    Wow -well said. And sadly we take way better care of our cars than we do ourselves. On a scale basis we take the best care of our kids, then our cars, then our house/yard, then our jobs and then us. We need to really look at your list and improve that order.

    really great post.

    • Thanks, Amy! Yeah, sometimes, it’s easy isn’t it, to continuously take care of others first. I admire that you aim to balance faith, family, and happy life as a working mom, not an easy task.

  3. Tony says:

    This is a simple, yet comprehensive checklist — similar to the ones that our mechanics go through when they do a checkup on our cars. I am going to go through this checklist and see how I’ve been doing FOR MYSELF. I have the feeling this process will take some time, but I will discover interesting and useful things that hopefully can be improved. Thanks for the post!

  4. Katie Gates says:

    Stopping over from SITS. What a provocative post, and such an all-encompassing way of taking a look at oneself! Although you give yourself a B for how you’re doing vis-a-vis those areas of self, this post gets an A! It got me thinking, and I appreciate that.

  5. Mary says:

    What a great list. I’ll be bookmarking this post and re-reading it from time to time because I do have a short memory! I really need to start taking better care of myself then I do my car.
    I’m glad you found SITS. I’m fairly new to the blogging world and communites like SITS help a lot. Another good one is

    • Mary,

      Glad, that you find this post to be useful. I have a short memory too, this post is a reminder for myself too. 🙂

      Thanks for the link to theladybloggers! I’m going to check it (and your blog) out now.

  6. Maureen says:

    This is awesomely written, Maria. It really strike me because I haven’t exactly taken care of myself the way I should be. Thanks for this beautiful reminder oh and I love the Bali picture at the end of your picture! 😀

    • Ha.ha.ha… you recognized the Balinese “pura”, eh? I really love those puras, they’re so artistic and a great reminder to connect to the power higher than myself. One of these days, I hope to go back there.

  7. This is a wonderful post and a wonderful reminder. While my poor car does not get treated well at all – there are other areas of my life that I put focus into and I do need to focus more on myself sometimes. Thank you!

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