Colorado Mountain

Today, I am allowing things to be. There is nothing to fix, nothing to analyze, nothing to optimize. My intention today is to allow and to observe as details as possible, as best as I can. To be aware and to be mindful.

Why? Because in allowing, I don’t have to struggle against myself and make things more complicated than it is, and by observing I hope to see the deeper part of my beings. Relax to whatever happens enable me to see the natural unfolding of events. And you know what, many of them unfold to its beautiful states without me having to interfere.

So today that will be my intention, to give rest to my analytical and problem solving mind.

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4 Responses to Allowing

  1. This is something I must practice, Maria. 😀

  2. Gemma says:

    Coming to your blog always makes me feel so peaceful! Sometimes I like to just take a few minutes to sit in the jungle (our garden) and not think about anything.

  3. Tony says:

    Such a nice and peaceful state to be in! It’s surprising with all the things we do and forget the simple enjoyable state we could be in. I would like to be in the “allowing” state too.

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