Adventurer101 is a blog about my journey in life. It’s 101 because it is I am a beginner. I am reserved and shy by nature, so small things for the real adventurous one is a big step for me. With each step I take, I hope to share what I have learned and invite you to share what you have learned. Hopefully, together we can create a deep well of wisdom.


3 Responses to About

  1. SuzRocks says:

    Hey- stopping by from SITS to giveyou first impression. I love the picture you have on your heading- It fits with the adventure theme. I would agree with someone on blog frog to change the ‘just another wordpress.com site’- the tagline that shoes on the right. You can change it by going to ‘Settings’ on your WP dashboard and then it’s under ‘general’.

    I like the overall look- it’s simple and clean- not too much clutter. Which I prefer.

    • Thanks for the input and also the step on how to fix it. Sometimes I’m lost in the forest of WP tabs and links and what have you. 🙂

      And glad that you understand my “adventure” with subjunctive. I love Spanish language, but every so often, it frustrates me.

  2. SuzRocks says:

    Oh- and I’ve also spend a bunch of time learning spanish- I minored in it in college- I get your pain!

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